Why IB?

Why IB B oarding School passouts are preferred by top global Universities ? IB  school passouts are prepared and trained to acquire multi-dimensional attributes and attitudes required in the Global scenario, IB philosophy attempts to produce individuals with a strong self – motivated all round personalities   Why IB is the most preferred choice for getting into Top US Universities? IB School provides a competitive edge to the students in Global scenario by facilitating entry for higher Education into the most reputed Universities of the World. IB Students are welcomed with open Hands. Why IB is the preferred route to get scholarship from top US Universities? Top Universities offer Scholarships for talented and Well Groomed Students. IB School nurtures proper grounding, provides requisite knowledge, and inculcates desired qualities, in addition to a rigorous high quality Education for its Students, which are primary requirements for earning a Scholarship Why IB passouts

What are the benefits of sending your Child to a Boarding School?

  What are the benefits of sending your Child to a Boarding School? Boarding schools offer a variety of  benefits to students . The decision to attend boarding school is the first step in what many consider a big picture decision: by attending boarding school, the advantages that come with it will pay off in the long term. The number of leaders and successful members of society began their journey at a boarding school: Defence Officers, actors, athletes, successful business people, and other politicians. However, what makes most boarding schools work well is the vast number of activities, programs, and challenges available to students on a daily basis. The typical boarding school student is one who wants to embrace this huge opportunity they’ve been afforded: to live in a community where learning, personal growth and exploration are top priority; where programs and activities are abundant; where making friends is paramount; and where success is celebrated. Learning independence,

How International Baccalaureate® (IB) Education helps your Child get Admissions to the best Colleges and Universities in the World

  How International Baccalaureate ® ( IB ) Education helps your Child get Admissions to the best Colleges and Universities in the World   All higher educational institutions in the World, particularly the US, UK, and the EU countries not only give importance to the IB ® Educational qualifications, but also give maximum importance to the upbringing and grounding of the student’s schooling at the Junior and Senior levels. The professional culture and multifaceted attitudes and aptitudes provided by an IB ® Residential Boarding School, starting with Primary Years Programme (PYP) – Classes I to V, and continuing with Middle Years Programme (MYP) – Classes VI to X, eventually surpass other Educational standards by a wide margin. A child nurtured in a PYP Residential Boarding School and trained in a MYP Residential Boarding School obviously has a tremendous advantage on getting entry into the prestigious top Colleges and   Institutions of Higher Education in the World. Based on the str

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